Offering a High Quality outsourcing billing service for the proper management of multi-service companies, requires a deep knowledge of the market of users of Water, Gas, Electricity and Public Services, together with the ability to develop cutting edge solutions and computer facilities to create the conditions that allow the distribution companies to issue invoices in consumption, very close to those coming from the readings and / or simultaneously.

M.B.S. Group, thanks to the long experience on the "front line" among the distribution sector, has acquired an important know-how of the issues relating to Billing, and has setted up a dedicated company specializing in information technology applied to the user management for the segment Services: BILLING.

BILLING, provides outsourcing services in full outsourcing or in-house management of logistics activities related to the commercial and administrative area of multi-financial service companies, an innovative accurate, secure, fast and efficient service for provider companies.

Due to BILLING services, we can systematically check all the invoices issued by the transmission of sales companies and distributors to solve complex problems quickly and effectively.

The expert BILLING advisors, thanks to their specialization in Software, Hardware and Data Entry, are the best you can find on the market to develop quickly and correct systems for data of consumption and production (and therefore deliver) among bills / invoices.

The benefits resulting from the operations of specialized BILLING company are immediate:

- Immediate analysis of data collected from reading operators

- Greater control of personal and fiscal User

- Accelerate billing cycle consumption

- Improved financial planning

- Improved cash flow due to the reduction of billing time

- Minor disruption in the delivery of bills / invoices /

- Significant improvement of relations between user and utility company