Hybripost: About Us

Hybrypost, is born from the long business experience and technical and commercial experience of MBS Group in the field of Advanced Services and Mail Management.

Private operator of postal services in the business segment, Hybrypost, is able to offer to its customers a full postal service: the management and processing of data streams, printing, folding and enveloping documents (invoices for servicespayment slips, administrative, legal documents, statements, brochures and trade deals, etc. ...) and subsequent sending and delivery of mail (postal mail and massive, registered mail, certified mail, etc ...) through its operators and / or private postal operators authorized or through Italian Post Office.

Hybrypost, thanks to its model of integrated service enriched by high technology for the management purpose of postal services and longstanding experience of its management, is able to offer both to Public and Private Enterprises, a very important service management of incoming and Output: a true Full management of the Post Office activities of a Company.

Hybrypost has always been attentive to the quality and value of its human resources, consisting in a large group of experts specialized in the management of each stage of the process for postal services, from computer to the technology sector, to offer "always" to their customers, the ability to manage in the best way the irreplaceable functions of postal mail and communication.

Hybrypost transforms your business data into certified contacts, with a full postal service, that is fast, reliable and has important economic benefits....