MBS Metering Billing Service: About Us

Metering Billing Service is a service company that operates in the field of Public Utilities with an efficient staff and with consolidated experience.

MBS is able to offer to its customers a wide range of services ranging from meters reading activity provided with its own staff, to the complete management of utilities, including software and hardware dedicated equipment.

The specialization and customization of the provided services, are the main feature of MBS which, thanks to the flexibility of the operational structure and the innovative solutions adopted, can improve the quality of services being able to bring benefits both to service company provider that to their respective users and clients.

The use of innovative dedicated software designed to better perform the service, allows MBS not only to achieve better results in less time, but also to offer a significant added value to the result, providing, for example, together with the meters reading services, the certification of the actual reading through digital photography, and the collection (including photo) of the position and of the level of accessibility of the meters also recording the geographic coordinates of the measuring point of the point of connection.

For customers who wish to carry out its activities internally, thanks to the know-how acquired over the years, MBS can provide them its advice to help choosing the most suitable solution to their wants and the best computer technology, both in its hardware and in its software.

Metering Billing Service is able to meet any administrative, managerial and operational need within the Public Utilities, always ensuring Safety, Reliability and Professionalism: A Partner of Excellence for the Management and Development of any Company.