Born to provide a competent and a high level of specialization, leading-edge solutions for companies that provide Public Utilities (Water, Electricity, Gas, Waste Collection and municipal police etc. ...), and Services (Banking, Insurance , etc. ...), MBS Financial Institutions Group, has developed a dedicated suite of products that always adds value to our services and to our client companies and to their customers.

MBS Group’s ability, is to integrate their various systems and constantly develop new solutions becoming ever more competitive and profitable, the offering of services for companies, institutions and private organizations and government who need to improve relations with the users, in addition to dramatically reducing costs and improving the enforceability of the field.

MBS Group, has completed all its products, using only the latest software technologies to meet market regulations, to ensure the highest level of computerization in compliance with a careful observance of the law.

Also for all the hardware, MBS Group, takes advantage of partnerships with leading companies in the market, in order to make a consistently excellent Consultancy service, Supply and Installation and after sales service.

Main Services MBS Group:

- Jester - Information Management Software

- Jester Entertainment Software - Survey Readings

- Mobile UB Census - Census Place Software

- Ensures - Program Management Practices

- Gesser - Billing and Management Services

- GesDis - Network Management Distribution

- OpenAcq - Data Acquisition System

- R.B.O. - Waste Management Software

- UB Patrol - Software Management Violations

- UB Patrol - Software Management Violations