All companies that provide Public Utilities (Water, Electricity, Gas, Waste Collection, Municipal Police etc. ...), and Services (Banking, Insurance, Financial Institutions etc. ...), in an increasingly competitive market, need to constantly increase their efficiency and to improve their service, "reducing costs" of operational tasks.

MBS Group, thanks to its long experience, "a concrete and real” experience on the field, in order to allow the necessary rationalization of activities and operational models, makes available for companies regarding utilities, Multiutilities and local authorities, a wide range of added values services regarding the Provision and Management of Services.

MBS Group, is able to respond with a high level of specialization, to the extreme diversity of market demands and Utilities Multiutilities needs, adapting quickly the internal know-how to specific customer requirements, but also presenting their innovative, versatile and highly effective solutions to the client.

The ability to offer to customers services and "advanced"solutions, the propensity to constantly invest in specialized human resources and research in technical expertise and technology, are some of the strengths of MBS Group: The group that may substantially affect the modernization, rationalization and productivity of your companies.

MBS Group Main Services:

- Reading Meters

- Census Connections

- Counter Services

- Desks Management and Water, Gas and Electricity billing services

- Manage printing, enveloping and mailing documents

- Data Entry

- Verification of documents